Content Management System with Advanced Audience Analytics & Targeting

In today’s digital world, brick and mortar doesn’t have deep customer insights unlike online world. This prevents them from providing better customer experience at lower operations and marketing cost thus affecting their success. We provide you with a fast and cost effective CMS solution with value added benefits like data analysis & customer story boarding.

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Make your Digital Signage and Kiosk intelligent with advanced video analytics and personalization

Our CMS and audience measurement solution helps to provide one of the simplest CMS along with easy to understand audience measurement so that you can do content effectiveness test. Not just that, with Artificial intelligence this CMS can also do content targeting based on what kind of people are standing in front of it. All this without privacy intrusion.


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Possibilities & Benefits 

  • Targeted content delivery for each segment
  • Customized communication for unique audience
  • Personalized product recommendation based on demography
  • Better customer segmentation based on persona
  • Quantify audience behaviors within purchase funnel
  • Clicks vs footfall


Deliver content that matters with your existing CMS

Our solution leverages the power of AI and computer vision to empower most digital cameras with intelligence to identify and recognize an audience. It then processes the data real-time to publish on the dashboard. The robust multi-layer background subtraction technique helps to identify the facial features enabling higher accuracy of data.

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  • Demographic analytics
  • Works even without internet
  • Supports USB and CCTV camera
  • Easy APIs for CMS integration
  • Cloud based reporting
  • Full audience data


Not just impressions and transactions. understand people behavior

- Demographic analytics - Content Management Systems (CMS)


  • Demographic analytics
  • Works even without internet
  • Supports USB or  CCTV camera
  • Persona differentiation
  • Cloud based reporting
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Compatible of any display device
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Measure audience behavior to different content to improve performance.

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Deliver targeted content and journey to different type of customers for better effectiveness.

- 13 - Content Management Systems (CMS)

No random content to people. Only carefully selected and crafted for better experience.


Empower your customers with all the information they are seeking with AI powered robotic Product Information Kiosk

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Reduced COST – Significant cost saving with reduced open box items

Improved REVENUE – Lower capex because the kiosk is hardware agnostic

Higher ENGAGEMENT – Improved customer satisfaction with better product Information


Simple CMS

- cms10 - Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Compatible of any display device starting from a small tab to huge video wall
  • Cloud control to deploy and manage from remote location
  • Supports Text, images, videos and interactive HTML5 content
  • Optional scheduling capabilities

Remote management

- cms11 - Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Know device up status from remote
  • Update software from remote
  • Highly secure with Azure Microsoft cloud

Analytics Features

- cms12 - Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Content play reports
  • Optional data capture measurement up to 40ft
  • Optional content targeting
  • Optional demography, group detection
  • Dwell time analysis

Fast to deploy

- cms13 - Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Works with standard hardware
  • Cost effective
  • Local support available
  • Best in class quality

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