Symphony GOLD: Solutions that transform retail

Symphony GOLD is the software platform behind some of the most progressive business transformation projects in retail, unifying and optimizing processes that span customer engagement, merchandising & category management, supply chain and retail operations. Our customers grow their revenue and margin by providing personalized shopping experiences, being more relevant through localized, space-aware assortments and pricing, improving inventory availability and enhancing operational productivity.

Customer Engagement

Retain customer loyalty and provide personal experiences by transforming insights into sustainable, profitable and meaningful engagement.

Merchandising and Category Management

Be more relevant to your customers with localized, space-aware assortments, competitive prices and compelling in-store experiences.

Supply Chain

Predict, manage and fulfil demand profitably, while maintaining optimal inventory to minimize lost sales and keep customers happy.

Retail Operations

Increase store and warehouse efficiency and employee productivity to deliver customer choice and service at lower cost-to-serve and improving customer service.

Success Comes In All Sizes

In retail, every business is different. Some run multiple brands, franchises and wholesale operations with hundreds of stores in multiple geographies. Others are global consumer brands needing to collaborate with trading partners to deliver shopper value Every company claims to put its customers first. At Symphony GOLD, we prefer to let our customers tell their own stories.