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Rotageek provides a smarter way of staff scheduling with a wide range of solutions to the retail and healthcare industry. Rotageek is a complete pack of e-rostering solution for healthcare organizations which can act more than the traditional rotas. E-rostering system assures a premium quality of patient care and service. It supports self-rostering and creates optimized rotas.

Rotageek’s workforce management software can increase sales by the exact employee scheduling. It reduces the schedule-related tasks up to 80%.

Re-Inventing the Rosters

Designed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals. Rotageek is
a revolutionary rostering solution that goes beyond traditional rotas, helping
healthcare organizations save time, support self-rostering, and create smart,
optimized rosters.

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Seamless integrations

Rotageek workforce management software provides seamless integrations with critical systems via public API or through SFTP. This standalone platform can be integrated into HCM Payroll, Time & attendance, Appointment booking, agency staffing, ESR, BI, footfall, bank management, HES, task management, and many more.

Digital Scheduling

Switch from the paper-based workforce management system to Digital. It is easy to create and manage. This smart and simple digital employee scheduling software provides an easy work environment to enterprises.

The intuitive drag-and-drop system ensures a user-friendly experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile. Rotageek’s digital scheduling app helps you to track labour allocation, budget compliance, quick shifts, and swapping.

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Auto Scheduling

Rotageek enables you to Schedule Millions of works in a fraction of a second. Auto Scheduling can create many schedules one after another. It generates millions of possibilities of schedule and finally creates an optimized schedule in which every shift is assigned to an employee.

This staff planner software can follow your business rules and generate an optimized schedule to share within seconds.


Any data point that drives demand for labour, either across a store or a task, can be used to accurately forecast future demand down to the 15-minute interval using a custom configured machine learning algorithm that takes into account trends and holidays.

Rotageek has an AI-based forecasting system that can predict the accurate number of labours required for each task and location by quarter-hour increment. This forecasting engine uses the previous data and current trends to measure the accurate number.

The smarter way of labour allocation and scheduling increases the sales and the conversion rate.

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Fully customizable and powerful report on each metrics

Time And Attendance

Real-time updates on Time and attendance

Absence Management

Manages all employee absent history

Time sheets

Manage your HR and payroll system with fully audited timesheets.

Manage Swaps

Swap Management is easy with staff scheduling app


Secure the  top-down communication to teams & individuals

Shedule Gaps

Find cover for roles from closeby areas and groups


Rule-based Rotas follows your company’s needs.

Mobile Scheduler

Rotageek Mobile scheduling app helps to stay connected from anywhere

Solution Overview

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Rotageek solutions provide data-driven, technology-based, accurate, and fair software for workforce optimization and employee management. This rota management software is suitable to work as staff scheduling software for small businesses and employee scheduling software for the healthcare industry. The users can sync google calendar with this scheduling app. Inditech is a verified workforce management software provider in Dubai.