RF Keeper- Cloud based RFID solution

Retailers are always in search of new advanced technologies for bolstering sales and industry operations. RF Keeper uses highly advanced technology to provide an omnichannel experience by connecting the in-store and online platforms. It helps to provide higher sales, reduced costs, and customer engagement by real-time inventory management and end-to-end supply chain visibility. This new cloud-based solution offers greater inventory management and loss prevention. The omnichannel strategy that RF Keeper holds has been designed to fit any type of retailer’s needs in order to deliver the best results. RF Keeper enables retailers to dramatically reduce merchandise shrinkage accurately monitor inventory and shorten the checkout time by using smart cash registers.


The Features

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Cutting Edge RFID System

Inventory management is the real headache in retail operations. RF Keeper uses the advanced Radio frequency identification system to track the precise location of inventories within the given time. RF Keeper has a specific role in the entire supply chain management of each product. The entire product life cycle is monitored and managed by the RF Keeper until it is marked as sold.

Real Time Data Analysis

RF Keeper is designed to collect the data in real-time and to perform a detailed analysis of collected data in order to check the performance level of inventories in the store and online sales. RF Keeper has applications beyond analyzing data insights such as in-store inventory positioning, fitting room security, item delivery, and distribution, advertisement strategy planning for in-store, etc.

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Dashboard with Real time updates

The user-friendly dashboard interface provides the real-time updating of data categories. These metrics can be used to improve the overall retail performance of your sales team and thereby you can provide a better shopping experience to your customers. The active management of the inventory and sales can be monitored through the RF Keeper dashboard which is specially designed to meet the user requirements and easy handling.

Omni channel Retail Management

The powerful RFID technology in the RF Keeper makes it a top-end system to provide omnichannel retail strategies to leverage the power of IoT to digitalize in-store operations. By fully digitalizing the retail operations RF Keeper enables the retailers to compete with the online giants using the same set of tools.

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Time and Team Management

Modern management tools to better control and navigate daily operations with real-time insights and store-by-store comparisons. Mobile apps that enable simple and accessible communication between store teams and the HQ. The proper management of tasks reduces the work time. Improved team management by guiding and coordinating the team properly to complete the retail-oriented tasks promptly. Unlocking a set of new and exciting management capabilities.

The Benefits


Improved Brand recognition

Greater Inventory Accuracy

Better Team management

Omnichannel Experience

Smarter Decision Making

Logistics Management

2%-7% Increas in sales
10%-20% Increase in stock saving
Internal shrinkage reduction up to 50%
Shipping validation accuracy up to 100%
Sales floor stock accuracy up to 99%
75%-99% Inventory accuracy
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