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Inditech Middle East, is your one-stop destination for cutting-edge POS solutions in Dubai. Our comprehensive offerings cover POS software, POS systems,retail POS terminals,cash drawers , cash registers, mobile POS and POS accessories designed to elevate your business operations.

Our Point of sale software solution Retail Pro, is one of the best POS software adopted by modern retailers globally. Whether you’re searching for the best POS system in Dubai or affordable barcode scanner options in the UAE, we have you covered. Our inventory management software cum POS solution ensures seamless control over stock levels, while our retail POS terminals and receipt printers guarantee a smooth customer experience.

At Inditech Middle East, we understand the importance of POS hardware, so we offer durable cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, barcode readers, and customer displays. We are one of the leading POS hardware suppliers in UAE from where you will get all branded POS hardware solutions , latest trend retail OS hardware, etc in affordable price. Our POS machine prices in Dubai are competitive, providing you with value for your investment.

best pos software in dubai

Empower Your Business with Cutting-Edge POS Solutions in Dubai

Experience the future of retail in Dubai with our advanced POS solutions. Our POS software Solution, POS systems, and POS accessories redefine efficiency. Explore now and benefit from our competitive POS machine prices.

Point Of Sale systems for Retail

As a leading POS systems provider for Dubai retailers, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable solutions. Our expertise extends to serving small businesses with affordable POS systems and offering installation services across the UAE.

Whether you’re operating a small boutique or a large retail chain, Retail Pro’s versatility caters to businesses of all sizes. Discover the power of Retail Pro, a robust and intuitive POS software designed to meet the unique demands of retail businesses in Dubai.

Discover the latest trends in retail POS hardware and find the right POS accessories to complement your setup. Whether you’re a retail giant or a small business owner, Inditech Middle East is committed to providing the best POS solutions tailored to your needs.

Explore our range today and revolutionize your business with our advanced POS software, systems, and accessories.

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    Explore advanced POS software, POS machines, and POS accessories

    Point of sale (POS) and POS Accessories

    For POS system Dubai Inditech is a recognized leader in the delivery of innovative Point of Sale (POS) in Dubai and Automated Identification Data Capture (AIDC) solutions. Clients across a wide range of industries will gain a competitive advantage by utilizing the products and services offered here. Retailers all across the UAE and GCC, are finding that Point of sale hardware  from Inditech is a critical part of their business operations – increasing their operational efficiency and decreasing their costs. Products we carry include barcode scanners, barcode printers and receipt printers as well as POS Dubai hardware like cash drawers, touch screens, customer displays and portable data terminals for inventory control and warehousing operations.

    So if you’re looking at providers of POS Software for retail store  or POS accessories across UAE and GCC, Inditech Middle East is your best and safest best.

    Azure POS IM 5412

    Intel® CPU series Core™ i5-3550S 3.7GHz, L2 Cache-6MB, 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM (1 slot, up to 8GB), 120 GB SSD 1 x 2.5″ HDD

    AzurePos IM 5432

    Intel® CPU series Core™ i5-3550S 3.7GHz, L2 Cache-6MB, 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM (1 slot, up to 8GB), 320 GB SATA1 x 2.5″ HDD

    Azure POS IM 3412

    Intel® CPU series Core™  i3-3220 3.3GHz, L2 Cache-3MB, 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM (1 slot, up to 8GB), 120 GB SSD 1 x 2.5″ HDD

    Azure POS IM 3432

    Intel® CPU series Core™  i3-3220 3.3GHz, L2 Cache-3MB, 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM (1 slot, up to 8GB), 320 GB SATA 1 x 2.5″ HDD

    POS System

    Barcode Printer

    Customer Display

    Receipt Paper

    Barcode Reader

    Cash Drawer

    How to Choose the best Point of sale - POS Dubai and POS Accessories

    POS software dubai

    We advocate making a solid list of all the features you expect and starting a checklist to make sure your system meets your requirements for POS Dubai. It’s vital to make the perfect decision upfront to save you money, time, and frustration in the future.

    It is critical to do your homework when buying a new system for your business and to compare attributes based on your industry. Using the internet, you’ll be able to research fully and compare point of sale cost quotes in the top POS Dubai businesses available on the market thus ensuring you have made the right choice in a POS Dubai system. The best point of sale suppliers would like to see you succeed and need to assist you grow your company. So you are going to want to discover and utilize these type of vendors.

    Our recommendation would be to work with a local qualified supplier, like us providing both POS Software and Hardware solutions  in UAE, that could meet with you personally and completely understand your concept, find the capacity to your small business, and create solutions. Whatever scaling means to your business, attempt to discover a system that is flexible to your needs or is a hybrid system that could grow into your concept as it expands.

    Nowadays you can get a reasonably priced, robust point of sale alternative with hundreds of more attributes than a cash register. Your Point Of Sale system is going to be the core of your company. So probably the number one consideration in a point of sale solution would be to understand specifically what the machine can do to help your business.

    Finally, do not forget about support. You’ll want to use a reputable local company that you may call 24/7 when it’s essential to the success of your enterprise. Also, prices and features can fluctuate wildly, and that means you need to consider what features are the most significant to your business and begin from there.

    Another key factor in the decision-making procedure is scalability of your POS system with your small business.

    Leading POS Software Solution Providers In UAE

    Inditech Middle East is the authorized business and development partner of Retail Pro, the leading retail POS software in the global market. The unique features of Retail Pro let retailers optimize inventory, streamline reporting, customize workflows, and create flexible promotions. Retail Pro makes omnichannel marketing more smooth and efficient, which brings customer loyalty to the next level. Retail Pro is not just a simple POS software that is used only for billing. It is a strong POS system with a user-friendly user interface, flexible reporting, easy promotion tools, sales forecasting reporting, and inventory management. By integrating this wonderful software with your customer engagement program, you can leverage your customer experience. For growing retailers, handling inventory efficiently is a tiresome task. Integrating with SAP or any ERP system makes the task easy.

    Contact us for a demo to learn more about Retail Pro. Our team will always be there to help you.


    leading pos software in dubai
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