Tax Free Integration Solution – Custom developments for Retail Stores with any POS/Inventory Software

Following the implementation of 5% VAT in January 2018, the Federal Tax Authority introduced a 100 percent digital solution for Tax-Free shopping in November 2018. Tourist visa holders will receive 85% of the total VAT amount paid, minus a fee of 4.80 dirhams per Tax-Free tag.
UAE Tax-Free system has delivered a digital tax-free experience together with UAE federal tax authority with its fantastic reputation for shopping and tourism. Merchant registration is simple and completely online. Most are up and running in as little as five days. For customers, the tax-free solution is quick and easy with no more queues at the airport for refunding the VAT, encouraging the shoppers to spend more.

Integrate any POS with Tax Free System

tax free system

How is Tax Free- POS integration works

The Tax-free client application is an Electronic platform-based application, which helps us develop cross-platform applications by using existing web technologies. It allows a single code base to be reused for desktops on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
In the fast-paced world of web development, businesses need to cope with the rapid and constant changes in the tech industry. This means your product needs to be prototyped faster and available for all platforms, as well as with a single codebase, support for more features, and great UI/UX. If we just depend on conventional methods, we need a lot of capital and time to achieve this. Instead, if we use web technologies, we can reuse a lot of open sources frameworks and solve issues efficiently.

how to refund vat

At present, cashiers at Retail showrooms collect the customer’s passport and enter all the Customer details manually (First Name, Last Name, Passport Number, Nationality etc.) using one Tax-Free application. Point of Sale (Retail Pro POS) Application does not mandate capturing these details, so cashiers can make sales transactions with or without customer details and provide a pos receipt. Once the invoice is completed in POS, the cashier will manually input the item details or optionally a dummy line item called Retail Sales and input the Net Amount, Generate a Tax-Free Tag and print it from that tax-free application. Customers have to submit these 2 documents while claiming tax back before they exit the country. Since these 2 documents are not integrated and the invoice copy from the pos application does not validate at the tax-free application, the manual verification process gets delayed and Queues at the Tax-Claim counter get piled up.
Through this integration, Tax-Free Tag’s ID will be automatically captured at the POS and shown on a QR Code printout from Pos. So Integration can ease the user’s data entry work and also bust the Queues at the Tax-Claim counter in a future proof manner.


Automatic Entry

The salesperson at the POS can enter the Passport details of the shopper by just a scan of the document.


Error-free documentation can be made with the integration of POS to Tax free application.

No Queue

Shoppers don’t need to wait in long queues at the store and the tax-free point.

Time Saving

Time-saving solution for the sales team at the store and the shopper.


Looking for Tax Free system- POS integration?

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How to Claim UAE Tourist VAT Tax Refund?

From 18 November 2018,  shoppers on tourist visas in the UAE were able to request refunds on the Value Added Tax (VAT) incurred on their purchases while there are in the UAE. For the UAE, the new Tax-Free Shopping solution has delivered a revolutionary experience for both customers and merchants, allowing it to maintain its position as a top international retail destination. By integrating your Point Of Sale systems with the Tax free application, customers may now get transaction requirements in-store in under 15 seconds and have them export-validated in under a minute, saving up to 80% of the time. The time it takes to claim the VAT back can be cut in half, from roughly 30 minutes to only two, a 93 percent reduction that has resulted in a 30 percent boost in claim completion rates.

Currently Planet is the exclusive operator of the tax refund system for tourists which FTA executes in the UAE. The process that an eligible tourist can follow to get a VAT refund is listed below,

    1. During checkout, inform the salesperson that you want a tax refund and give your passport for them to record your personal information.
    2. A QR code will be printed on the invoice by the cashier.
    3. Collect the tax invoice for the item you just bought.
    4. Pay a visit to the Tax Refund Counter.
    5. Bring your invoice with QR code printed, passport, and boarding pass with you.
    6. The Planet officer examines the receipt and tells you how much money you’ll get back.
    7. You can also opt for Self-service kiosks that have been set up allowing tourists to recover Value Added Tax (VAT) when leaving the UAE

Integrated for POS

Easy integration with your POS system, ensuring minimal disruption, error-free entry, and ultimate convenience for your store staff.

  • Fully integrated with the merchant’s POS System
  • Quick and easy deployment for merchants
  • Deliver a fully mobile in-store experience
  • Decrease waiting time at the tax-free validation counters
  • Improves the customer journey100% e-invoices = 100% paperless