Physical Inventory Count Solution for Android

StockTakeLive is a simple-to-use, fast & efficient stock take solution which uses barcodes to speed up the task of stock counting and performing simple Physical Inventory count. It minimizes the manpower for stock counts, reduces re-counting and related errors and provides prompt & transparent visible stock take information for financial audit and verification, which in turn allows companies to reconcile stock and make necessary adjustment instantly after stock take.

The solution is specifically designed to execute a paperless inventory count through a cloud based application combined with android devices. It dramatically reduces the throughput time compared with traditional stock takes and does not require major investments in hardware or software.

Complete Control of PI Count Schedule

Administrator have a complete control of stock count schedule via an application dashboard.

Stock take with Android

Simplifies stock taking task with simple user interface for your android device.

Lower Manpower Cost

Requires less staff to scan items,process and manage stock counts.Multiple employees can do stock taking at the same time in different parts of the store/warehouse.

Less Recounts and Repeat Scans

Scanning made faster with barcodes, less error prone and more accurate.Reduces the time wasted on recounts and repeated scans.

Remote Stocktake Management

Able to manage and control your stock take from anywhere.

Reduced Stock take Process Time

Significantly reduces stock count time and improves accuracy by doing physical inventory count by scanning barcodes.

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