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Core Features

Build meaningful relationships with your customers

Email Marketing

Engaging via email is key to any good marketing strategy. It has remained one of the cheapest forms of marketing. With OptCulture, retailers have the capability to engage on a highly targeted level using segmentation. Most retailers want to have high touch marketing, but lack the man power to do so. Our automation features allow premium engagement with minimal management. Data integration removes the typical data management most platforms force upon retailers. It’s time you start engaging the smart way!

Loyalty Programs

OptCulture Loyalty Programs are completely customizable to best represent your brand. Loyalty reports generate in real-time through our seamless integrations. Multi-channel capabilities and automated communication make it incredibly easy to run your own program. Having loyalty integrated with email, SMS and e-receipts allows direct communication with customers on balances and more!

SMS Marketing

Face it, retailers have to engage more and create urgency in any way possible. Being able to reach customers with exclusive offers and promotions in the palm of their hand is one of the most engaging forms of marketing available. Let your customers opt in and communicate with them the way that they prefer. Communicate loyalty balances, product arrivals and so much more. Stop using multiple solutions and see how our integrated platform will help your customer interaction excel.

Digital Receipts

Custom built and branded. Digital receipts are one of the most engaging tools you have in your retailer’s aresenal and OptCulture will take it a step further. Cashiers can offer a digital receipt with the simple press of a button, whithout even leaving the POS program. It’s eco friendly, helps to capture valid emails from consumers and sales associates feel more at ease when asking for emails. With open rates over 60% it’s a great opportunity to re-engage customers!


Promotion Manager

They go by many names:”Discounts”, “Coupons”, or “Sales”. Whichever you call them, promotions drive traffic. Through OptCulture’s advance promo manager, your promos automatically apply the correct amount, to the correct item, every time. No more guessing on ROI, OptCulture has real time reporting on all promos. Create the promo code and barcode, your team scans and the tracking is all taken care of… it’s that easy!