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Denso Wave is a global provider of Auto-ID solutions. It’s a part of the renowned Toyota group. Their solutions range from premium RFID readers, barcode scanners, and handheld terminals. Denso wave has cloud-based traceability solutions, IIoT data management platforms, and robots. The main applications of the Denso wave products include manufacturing, distribution, retail, medical/pharmaceutical, leisure, traffic, food, etc. The brand new SP1 RFID handheld device powered by Denso wave was designed from the outset to be a high-performance RFID sled to communicate to both android and iOS devices. Denso Wave’s RFID products (excluding certain products) are available in more than 40 countries around the world. In addition to that, they offer comprehensive support and fast response for repair needs. Denso Wave ensures worry-free product deployment around the world.

UHF band RF tag high-power hand-held scanner-SP1

sp1 denso wave

DENSO WAVE SP1 handheld scanners are suitable for high-speed inventory management in big retail stores. It has a maximum speed of 700 tags/ second at an approximate distance of 8m. Since the scanner can read RF tags within approx. 200 sq meters surrounding the worker, there is no need to walk around in the store to take stock. Connecting is as easy as scanning the QR Code® on the SP1 main unit. Pairing is quickly completed via Bluetooth® for smooth startup and completion of the work process. The long-distance scan range lets workers take inventory of displays located at high places in the store or items placed on high shelves without climbing onto a ladder. The high-speed scanner improves work efficiency significantly and cuts the man-hours required for stocktaking and other tasks. Even if the pairing is disconnected due to an obstacle or interference with other radio waves,
the internal memory retains the data in processing. (Stores data for up to 80,000 RFID tags.*)
The SP1 can automatically search for a previously paired device and transmit the data in processing after reconnecting to the device. This eliminates problems arising from pairing disconnection.

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RFID in Retail

DENSO WAVE has partnered with RF Keeper to provide retail customers with an omnichannel experience. This collaboration really helps retailers to manage the inventory more efficiently and save costs. The combined operation of Denso wave and RF Keeper can provide a modular plug-and-play inventory management solution that provides greater visibility of products and reduces the risk of stock shortage or overstock. The main application scenes include,

  • Receiving Inspection
  • At Gates for accepting or shipping goods
  • Inventory status checking
  • Reduces waiting time for check out at POS.
  • Saves time on stocktaking
  • Tag reprinting made easier
  • Customer behavior analysis by tags connected on the inventory
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