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Create Your Deployment Strategy That Covers Channels, Locations, Nations, and Clouds

Don't limit your opportunities for advancement. Retail Pro POS can handle webstores, brick-and-mortar stores, kiosks, pop-ups, shop-in-shops, and franchisees both domestically and internationally.

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Inventory management may be a labor-intensive hurdle for growing firms. Streamline your operations by getting a clear picture of inventory challenges.

  • Stock replenishment and management are automated and managed between locations.
  • Purchase orders can be generated automatically.
  • Make and break kits from POS system
  • Manage pricing and promotions from a central location.
  • Reconcile the sales floor’s physical inventory with the POS data.
  • Manage pricing and promotions from a central location.
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Create Smarter Promotions

Get creative and increase average customer spend with promotions that keep shoppers coming back.

"For our business, the most important functionality in Retail Pro POS is its strong and flexible promotions. It is a powerful solution, fantastic, and easy to use."

Anas Mosa | Al-Haddad

Go Prism Go Mobile

Elegant, Smart, and Powerful. Everything you've ever wanted in a Retail Point-Of-Sale system - on a desktop, on a mobile device, or both

Go Mobile

With user-friendly mobile POS accessible on Apple,
Windows, or Android smartphones, you can save
money on hardware and training.

Inventory management is made easier with access to inventory records, as well as purchasing and receiving records, from the sales floor.

With access to client history via the mobile POS, you can better engage customers and upsell them.

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Unify Commerce

Having integrated inventory and customer data offers you a more accurate view of online and in-store sales performance, allowing you to make better business decisions and continue to develop.

  • By combining inventories for online and in-store sales, you may increase sell through rates and maintain less inventory on hand.
  • With linked eCommerce and in-store POS, you may save time on inventory data entry.
  • Integrate with Amazon, eBay, Jet, and other online marketplaces to increase sales.
  • With real-time reporting across channels, you can act quickly to capitalize on sales trends.

You can manage your operations with total flexibility and control whether you use a centralized, decentralized, or hybrid deployment model.

  • Flourish your business without worrying about the region, language, tax system, and currency.
  • Get real-time data and visibility of your brand’s all-level sales performance,
    whether you are a single brand or multi-concept franchisor.
  • Generate purchase orders for specific stores, all shops for a franchisee,
    or all retail shops across all franchisees to take advantage of the higher discounts.
  • Supplying and monitoring fully-integrated gift cards, gift vouchers, and
    store credit with a POS system across the entire supply chain will boost sales and customer loyalty.
Retail Pro provides you complete power and flexibility when it comes to creating great promos.

Plan when a promotion will go into effect (down to the minute)

Indicate which stores and/or pricing levels will be affected.

Once a promotion has been enabled, decide which real discounts or awards will be delivered. This might be in the form of an item discount, a transaction discount, or a voucher.

Set the conditions that must be met in order for the promotion to be activated. These specifications might be item-specific, customer-specific, a receipt total, a discount code, or a mix of the above.

Decide how the promotion will be implemented at the point of sale: Is it possible to combine it with other offers? Is it applied once or numerous times for each transaction?