Things to keep in mind while buying an employee management software

Workforce Management Software

Employee management software is a must-have thing for every business industry. Choosing the best one among the hundreds of suppliers will always be a great task. How do you decide the best one? In this article, we will pen down some important factors and points you can check while buying staff scheduling software.

Important features of a workforce management software


It may seem self-evident, but usability is the most important factor to consider when it comes to labor management solutions. Consumer expectations continue to develop as digital software does. In their personal lives, employees are accustomed to utilizing seamless B2C apps. As a result, the business platforms we supply must be up to par.

The staff management system must be easy to use and must be enjoyable. Usability in the sense of some features which make the system more comfortable for the users to handle. Features like automatic notifications, drag, and drop, shift saving, desktop to mobile switching, integrated workflow, and template copying will give a seamless experience to the users.


For every company, employee data is a highly confidential thing. Trusting a new system to control the employee data is a concern. The workforce management system should be capable of providing the security which we are really looking for. So while purchasing a staff management system make sure it has the software and technology to keep your employee and financial data securely.

ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications confirm GDPR compliance, while authentication standards such as single sign-on provide better security and decrease password theft. This element, by speeding login, also contributes to a better user experience.


The most convenient method of handling employee scheduling for non-desk employees is always accessing it through a mobile app. They don’t have access to a computer while they are in any work sites outside the office. So mobile applications are a vital part in this list. The WFM software you wish to buy must have a mobile app which can be used in tablets, android and IOS devices. Employees can manage their rotas on the go which will increase productivity by ensuring that your investment is worth it.

Integrated Reporting

Analytics is the most powerful insight into a tool or system. Make sure the system you choose has the ability to integrate with other analytical suits like Power BI to give an outstanding reporting delivery. The workforce management systems like Rota Geek give powerful insights into everything from payroll to staff per location.

Time and attendance / timesheets

Time and attendance software must be included in the workforce management scheduling capabilities. This not only avoids the hassle of adding another piece of hardware but also lowers the cost of time theft, which is a key concern in shift-based businesses.

Audited timesheets may then account for time worked vs. time scheduled automatically, allowing your payroll team to guarantee that employees are paid accurately using extra approval steps. This lowers the time spent manually compiling needed data and eliminates frequent payroll problems.

Absence management

The administrative burden of leave management is digitized with online workforce scheduling. Instead of dealing with paper request forms and a time-consuming manual procedure, take advantage of a straightforward workflow that is available to everyone in your organization, from HR to individual workers.

Managers may eliminate redundant procedures by seeing, accepting, or rejecting requests across many places using this data in one place. The personnel rota is then immediately updated with this information.

HR departments can also create maximum limits and leave limitations to avoid too many employees from being laid off at the same time

Employees will benefit from not having to chase down leave requests. They may receive automatic notifications to their smartphone, where they may also track their allowance in whole or in accruals.

System Integrations

Integrate WFM

Integrating your Employee management system with HR Payroll and HCM(Human Capital Management) is really important.

At Rotageek, they have integrations to almost every major HR and HCM systems in this field.

A WFM system which is capable of integrating with other systems needs less time and money  to implement


When compared to traditional techniques, employee scheduling solutions can enhance labor match to customer demand alignment by up to 25%. The system may precisely estimate client demand for even more precise rotas by combining an in-built forecasting engine with similar data (such as Retail Next’s footfall analysis). This feature can forecast the need of labors for different tasks in different locations.

Auto Scheduling

Rota geek Employee management software

Automation and optimization is a compelling feature to look out for. Artificial intelligence equipped with “Auto scheduling” can wisely manage the shifts. Rotageek can generate millions of possibilities of shift within seconds, finally, assign one rota which is fair and perfect.

The above important things can be kept in your checklist while planning to purchase a Staff management system for your company.

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