Still, scheduling on Spreadsheets?? It’s time to choose an innovative Workforce management solution.

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Are you still scheduling your works and employee management in an excel spreadsheet?

You are not alone. There are many who still struggling in managing their employee schedules. For those, the solution is just an innovative, reliable and automated Workforce management software like Rotageek. For an effective workflow in any kind of business, the first thing is choosing the right employee, in the right place, and at the right time. Effective employee management is the key to success for an organization.

The fact is spreadsheets are meant to manage digits not people. Spreadsheets can’t automate the schedules in real-time according to the available workforce. Real-time updates are necessary for the effective management of the employees for a large enterprise. Apart from this, there are lots of advantages while using workforce management software. Let’s open the merits and demerits here.

Flaws of spreadsheets in workforce management

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Retailers are inputting the employee schedule in a spreadsheet and the printout will give to the workers or will be sent to a common group. This kind of scheduling will work no longer now. In this technology-driven world, people are stick to electronic gadgets and applications for their day-to-day activity scheduling. Then why can’t you choose an automated workforce management software to schedule the work schedules of your employees.

Scheduling on a spreadsheet is not an easy task. It takes lots of time and effort to plan, input, edit, and share. Rescheduling an employee’s work shift time may cause you to rearrange all your data for the entire week. You have to check all the employee worksheets to replace someone in that shift. This time is actually calculated as a wastage of time. By using a data-driven digital solution for scheduling the entire workforce takes a few minutes only. This saved time can be used for any other work to increase profitability and productivity.

One of the greatest advantages of the WFM software solution is the ability to forecast. Solutions like Rotageek can easily forecast the store peak time from the footfall count and automatically schedule more employees on the peak time. You can’t do this in a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets can never forecast the store peak timings exactly like software.

Human errors while scheduling employees can cause millions of losses in total. So it’s a risky game. Poor accuracy is one of the main disadvantages of a spreadsheet schedule. The work hours, work shifts, leaves, annual vacation, overtime duty, etc. should be calculated properly. Errors happened in calculating any of this will cause misunderstanding between the employee and the employer. This will affect work productivity. Digital scheduling completely eliminates the scope of human errors. The workers will get real-time updates about changing their schedules. It will help them to maintain a work-life balance. The same worker will never get a repeated shift as the scheduling is completely based on a machine learning algorithm.

The higher authority will get clear visibility over the worksheet reports and they can access the reports and statistics from anywhere in the world. Spreadsheets can’t provide appropriate statistics.

One of the main reasons why retailers are still using spreadsheets is it totally free. You don’t need to spend a single penny on using spreadsheets. But think about the loss you are facing in the errors made while using a spreadsheet and the wastage of time.

Rotageek is an excellent and affordable Rota management software to build rotas, schedule employee shifts, forecasting, auto-scheduling, and more. With the seamless experience on any electronic gadget like laptop, mobiles, and tabs Rotageek provides real-time notification to the employees, avoid gaps and repeat shifts, edit, and swap, etc. It’s a complete workforce management system to increase productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction.

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