Role of footfall traffic analysis in Retail Industry- In-depth analysis

Understanding the footfall data of your mall/store is a great idea to increase sales and improve customer experience. Every retailer or mall manager should know about the footfall analytics tools which help you to know your customer journey inside the entire mall and store. In this article, we will check the details of footfall traffic.


What is footfall traffic in retail industry?

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In general, the no of visitors or people entering a store, hospital, or mall is referred to as footfall traffic. How many persons are coming to a store will point to the success rate of a running marketing campaign. Understanding footfall traffic will allow you to determine the performance of other metrics like mall alignment, running campaigns, store allocations, staff allocation, etc.

The customer traffic data helps you to plan an event or promotion according to the peak period. You can compare which type of promotion led the more customers into the store and which store has the more traffic. Mall management can evaluate the performance of their tenant sales and they can make changes to the rent according to the sales.

The retail industry is always happy to welcome new trends and technology which will help to boost sales. No matter whether it needs some investment or not. In order to increase sales, retailers have to measure the footfall count. The shopping mall analytics tools like E-Goal measure the visitor count inside the mall efficiently and accurately. This new technology uses video cameras, infrared beams, and RFID helps retailers to track their visitors inside the mall.

What are the benefits of Footfall Analysis?


E-Goal footfall analysis for shopping mall analytics put forward some incredible benefits of footfall analysis through the insights. Footfall analysis helps you to:

  • Get real time data about shopper’s journey
  • Optimize mall/store performance
  • Schedule your next event by analyzing the peak time
  • Change or relocate low traffic stores near to a high traffic area.
  • Allocate more staffs ob busiest time
  • Check whether the visitors are following the mandatory COVID 19 instructions.
  • Improve customer experience
  • Evaluate the impact of new digital signage
  • Measure tenant sale
  • Acquire the deeper insights about sales volume and variations in ROI during different promotions.
  • Increase the sales potential
  • Identify bottle neck areas inside the mall
  • Analyze in store activity.
  • Monitor the success of running promotions to boost the ROI.

How to improve the footfall rate in stores during the COVID 19?

Covid 19 drastically reduced the no. of in-store customers in the retail industry. Now the situation is changing and things are back to normal. Retailers are searching for new ideas to attract customers to stores by adopting new trends in promotions and sales.

Follow the rules

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Be aware of the government rules regarding safety and precautions and make necessary changes in your mall premise to ensure your mall visitors will feel like they are protected. Make sure each and every store and area is well sanitized and following the rules. Take some extra care to show your customers that you care about them. Instead of push and pull doors try to automate the mall and store entrance with sensors. Don’t forget to fix thermal sensors to keep an eye on the temperature of the visitors.

Try to sanitize the shopping carts in regular intervals. Implement easy check-out systems to avoid the long queue. “Buy Online Pick In-store” is an innovative idea that retailers implemented recently to attract customers to stores. Nice promotions will always attract the customers to stores, take advantage of this to increase the footfall rate.

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How to engage footfall during Pandemic?

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