People Counting: Understanding its Importance

Buying a people counter is often considered a long term investment. It is now widely accepted that an accurate and reliable traffic count is a key metric in the world of retail and shopping centers. Most large retailers have at least one technology installed, and if you ask them, most would tell you they cannot run their business without it.

Although people counters are now mainstream, it is still difficult to find buying guides, guidelines or tips on what people counting technology is needed in your store. My goal today is to change that and give you all the information you need on what can be a confusing topic for some retailers.

While I write this article I’ll reference our products, but only do so occasionally, so that this can become a go to reference on people counting solutions. I want to present to you what I’ve learned in the last ten years testing different technologies, supporting customers, and speaking with them about their experiences.

Let’s split the analysis in to two scenarios: 1. if you are not counting 2. if you are already counting but want to change your current solution


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