People Counting Cameras: An Overview

Intelligent People Counting Cameras

As you may have noticed up to now, the technologies we have been going through are reused from their original purpose and were adapted to count people. They all have their limitations. That is what caused smart cameras to appear on the market. Their goal is to count with increased accuracy in different kinds of scenarios. “Back in the days”, which means just a few years ago, these were connected to a collector box such as our STC. They required a laptop using a special calibration tool and a technician to be calibrated and validated. These days they are all IP based which allows for remote calibration and validation. There are many different technologies in this category. Today there are three distinct camera technologies to capture counts. 3dscope-3

The Meaning of Intelligent Cameras

I use the term intelligent to indicate that, unlike the previous technologies we discussed, these cameras have software algorithms built in that process the collected images to determine counts. This allows for a great deal of different features and “intelligent” options to ensure better counting in a challenging environment. These features can include:

  • Very high accuracy of 98% plus
  • Available for both indoor and outdoor scenarios
  • Counting all persons entering or leaving the store, even if they are walking through the entrance at the same time
  • Protection from repeated counts from persons staying or shopping around the entrance
  • Count modes, such as:
    1. Filtering out “u-turns” such as a customer coming in the store and leaving right away. This reduces to a minimum multiple counts from the same customer, or from staff walking near the entrance.
    2. Register one count every time the number line is crossed in the correct direction
    3. Or counting the person every time they cross the line
  • Screening out of objects or children by height measurements or through shape recognition
  • Built-in Wi-fi or Bluetooth transceiver to capture cell phone signal for additional features such as capturing time spent in store, identifying repeat customers, or filtering out staff*
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