People Counting Solutions to optimize mall operations.

People counting solutions

People counting solutions can generate insight into customer shopping behavior. The detailed analytics report can be used to measure the peak hours and weak hours. Let’s check how the retailers are using these insights to optimize the mall operations.

Employee management system

Footfall traffic

The visitors’ count will be higher during weekends and public holidays. Mall/ store managers can allocate more staff during these peak times. The people counting solutions can give a detailed report using the heat map technology to understand the most customer-centric area inside the mall/store. According to these malls, operators can schedule rotas in their employee management solutions (Rotageek).

With Inditech’s people counting solutions like Beyond traffic, in-store analytics solution by Retail Next, and Shopping mall analytics software E Goal can manage store operations according to customer’s shopping nature and demographics.

Managing events and promotions

Shopping mall analytics

Malls are always packed during the time of any sales or promotions. The event planning department and marketing departments can use the footfall analytic data of a past event to plan and organize the next event more targeted. The footfall traffic data from people counting solutions can be compared with the conversion rate to analyze the success rate of each event or promotion. This vital information can point out which tenant stores get more benefit by the promotion organized by the mall management.

Optimize Leasing

The real estate team can differentiate the mall areas depending upon the data from people counting solutions. The high traffic zones will be more profitable and at the time of leasing, they can negotiate by showing these traffic data. Mall owners can share the footfall analytic data with the retail stores to inform them about their customer behavior and shopping nature during the promotion time and normal days. With the support of retail stores, mall owners can plan new strategies and implement them to increase the traffic double by the next event. The mall management can ask the low-traffic stores to change their location to high-traffic zones inside the mall.

Inventory Management

Retailers can organize the placement of the inventories according to customer preference. For example, every supermarket has a small chocolate display section in the payment section. While paying for the purchased goods, most parents buy chocolate for their kids too. Then an extra conversion took place there. The customer shopping behavior helps a retailer to manage and arrange all the inventories. Which display merchandise attracts more people can be measured by people counting data.

Without a people counting system mall management and retailers will have to guess their traffic rate. An accurate people counting solution can provide deep insight into store traffic, mall traffic, conversion rate, etc.

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