Improving retail results and customer satisfaction by employee optimization and exclusion in the people counting system

People counting systems are one of the biggest innovations that happened recently in retail technology. The future possibilities of footfall counting are infinite. Footfall counts are now becoming an important metric to measure the retail sales and success of the business. The employee footfall count mixing with customer footfall was one of the biggest challenges retailers faced using previous versions of people counting systems. These inaccurate conversion rates due to the mismatch in counting were the biggest demerits of the people counting systems. Accurate footfall data is required to get a deep insight into shoppers’ journeys, customer behavior, and customer satisfaction.

employee exclusion

What is employee optimization and how it’s related to footfall data?

Employee optimization means, analyzing and managing your staff schedules to save money on labor and increase conversions while providing the best possible customer experience. Retail Next’s AI-driven traffic estimates and prescriptive suggestions can help your retail staff be more productive. Optimizing staffing can increase your ROI and customer satisfaction. By analyzing the footfall traffic data the retailers can understand which area of the stores demands more staff and what the peak sales time etc. is. According to the requirement, the management can allocate the staff properly even without manual intervention. The footfall data itself can tell the entire story of the store.

Benefits of employee exclusion in People counting systems

One of the best advances in the features of the people counting system is staff exclusion, in which the employee counts are not counted as footfall and the result will be accurate. This is helpful to those brick and mortar stores with large no. of employees. Whenever the employees exit and enter the store, or move inside the store the footfall data tends to change. This scenario can be eliminated by the use of employee exclusion.

RetailNext unveiled their Aurora all-in-one sensor recently. Through a mix of sensor-fusing video analytics, Bluetooth BLE, and Wi-Fi technologies, the gadget, which is linked to the company’s cloud-based and on-premises systems, seeks to simplify shopper behavior analysis. The sensor allows retailers to automatically exclude store employees from metrics, isolate employee paths to allow sales associates and shoppers to interact, analyze the entire shopping journey (including new and repeat customer comparisons, visit frequency and duration, pass-by traffic, and capture rate), and directly engage shoppers via the device’s Bluetooth capabilities.

People counting systems help the retailers to ensure faultless operational execution, whether in-store or remotely, by having a thorough awareness of shopper behavior. To improve merchandising, including statistics on product flow and personnel management.

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