How to secure your CCTV surveillance system from hackers

Security cameras are meant to protect your home and business from threats. Sometimes the devices we used for security itself can make us in danger if we are not aware of the “hacking” loopholes. If you are not installed the security system with the help of professional CCTV security providing companies, hackers can access your security device or the processor in which the device is installed without your consent.

 In order to secure your surveillance system from hackers, you have to know some points.

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How can a hacker get access to my surveillance system?

Hacking a CCTV system is similar to hacking a website. The vulnerabilities of your security system can make it possible for a hacker to access it without much effort.

The whole control of the CCTV system will be accessed by the hacker to spy on the users.

There are two kinds of hackers are there based on their intention of hacking. One type targets the processor other one targets the camera accessibility. Most of the surveillance systems are using high-power processors for their working.

surveillance camera hacking

Hackers mainly target the protected data from the connected cameras. These highly confidential data like trade secrets, employee details, and sometimes personal data can be exported and can also stream live on the hacker’s mobile or laptop.

Hacking is not a single-step process, it’s not done in an overnight time. So the user has enough time to resolve all the vulnerabilities and can close all the possible loopholes in the system security.

The first thing a hacker does is to find out the email address and the password you are using for accessing the device. They will start sending spam emails to your email id to get access to your computer and thereby determining the password. Fortunately, there are so many precautions steps that a user can avoid this attacking from hackers.

Use a strong password

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Use a strong long password with a combination of special characters, letters, and numbers. Never use the same password in different domains. It will make the job easier for the hacker. Never use easily guessable passwords like your name, DOB, etc. The preset passwords are not the secured passwords, so the first thing you have to do is changing your device’s preset password.

It’s better to change the password frequently to ensure that you are protected. A strong secure password can avoid 80 percent of threats. You can set up two-factor authentication for your email for double protection. Use firewall and antivirus for protecting your system from intruders.

Use different networks and a VPN

Use two separate network locations for the CCTV and the data storage. Even if the cameras are hacked the data will be still safe. Similar to this using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to remotely access the surveillance system and the footage can ensure more security. The encrypted connection system in VPN can assure extreme security.

Use Cloud system

Using a VPN maybe not possible for everyone. An alternate solution for this is using a cloud-based system. Many CCTV manufacturers offering cloud services now, the highly secured cloud servers are using for storing the footage and its control. You can still access your cameras remotely without the fear of hacking.

Choose the best installation providers

Using the expensive CCTV camera from the No.1 brand can’t assure you a hacking-free surveillance system. Choose a professional, experienced, and SIRA-certified company and the technicians for installing the surveillance system in your home or business.

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