Empowering Retail Industry with Automation


Automation is not a choice, it is a Requirement. The retail world can empower with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. AI helps to bring an improved retail experience to customers without even realizing the retailers are making use of deep learning to analyze the data through multiple channels like sensors and video analytics in instore and digital. Let’s dig into the ways automation changes the retail world in an amazing way.

Every organization should need to improve its customer experience by looking to current trends by following the new technologies. A well-focused, determined, frontline retail team will definitely find the minute ways to improve their customer experience by finding the opportunity at the exact time.

AI creates opportunities for higher turnover thereby empowering the retail industry.

The data generated by the AI machines can form a new sales funnel from which retailers can create new KPI by comparing store-to-store sales and thereby improving business efficiency.

retail industry automation

Just check the three “S” factors that a retailer can choose to empower the business by automation:

Store Management

In-store experience relies on retail task execution. Automating a retail store is not an unusual thing now. Most of the retail stores implement AI systems for self-checkouts, inventory management by retail POS , in store analytics, workforce management, etc..

In-store analytics software solutions like Retail Next can automate a retail store to an amazing level by creating data from the customer traffic, purchase behavior, peak time, events or promotion response, etc.

Automation boosts engagement and productivity. It can encourage employees to focus more on customer interaction. By understanding the shopper’s journey, by analytics and the data received from the AI machine, managers can allocate the staff in the most crowded or demanded area inside the store.

Stock Management

artificial intelligence

There are many ways to automate retail inventory management. Retail point of sale systems can automate inventory management. The AI robots can generate out of stock alerts, stock exceed alerts, order fulfillment, warehouse management, aging stock alerts and loss prevention etc. Internal shrinkage can be reduced to a very good level by automation.

Online giants like Amazon use warehouse robots for order fulfillment thereby they could reduce the labor cost.

Store Inspection


Retail auditing and inspection was a burdensome task for stock managers during those pen and paper days. In fact half of their effective working hours they need to spend on this long cumbersome task. Even though it is really important to avoid the shortcuts for making the process fast.

An accurate and at the same time convenient low-cost method is necessary to make it fast. Inspection solutions can make the whole auditing process easier. There are so many features like smart store checklists, ticket validation, and collaborative calendars to manage the retail inspection process in each stage.

Empowering the retail industry with automation will help to drive the sale up. Ultimately AI makes your retail business more supple, resilient, and successful. Retail automation software like RetailNext can provide a better customer experience, occupancy tracking, in-store shopping behavior, remort observing, etc.

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