Choose the best employee scheduling software-Complete checklist

Employee scheduling is different for each company, even it is in the same industry.

The same niche companies may have different needs so the features they are looking for may be different from each other. Many kinds of employee scheduling software are available in the market, from employee scheduling apps for small businesses to employee scheduling software for the healthcare industry.

Let’s check some key features that can be included in your checklist for choosing the best employee scheduling software.

staff scheduling software for small business
  1. Time and Attendance Technology

Not all staff scheduling systems are same, it differs on needs. Some needs simply a time and attendance solution, and some need a system with hr and payroll solution. It’s important to choose the system based on your company’s strengths and needs.

staff scheduling software

There mainly 3 types available,

  • Time and Attendance: Time management is really important to increase work productivity. Employee work optimization can be done by checking the clock in and clock out timings. Cloud-based software collects these in and out details which can be further used for payroll management, shift scheduling, etc.
  •  HCM Software: HCM (Human capital management) software is commonly used in large enterprises to manage Human Resource management. It covers all the employee activities for employee benefit calculation, promotions, vacations, and basic scheduling too.
  • Specialist workforce management technology: This smart scheduling system is a flexible, customized solution to cover all the enterprise needs that can work with HCM and payroll systems.

2. User Access

Cloud-based workforce management solutions are the best to check the schedules on the move. Employees can easily access the rota management software from anywhere with any device. Installation is easier and secured and compatible with most of the technologies.

workforce management software

A cloud-based solution will come with a mobile app feature that can be considered a user-friendly solution. Mobile apps can be accessible to all the employees including those working outside the office.

3. Streamlined implementation

The adaptation period should be considered while choosing new software. Employees must adapt to the new system. So while choosing a new software make sure to partner with a supplier who can help you in these implementations. The supporting team can understand the effects of changing to new software may cause in your employee management flow.

4. Labor demand functionality

Nowadays artificial intelligence plays a major role in workforce optimization. The best employee scheduling solution Rotageek uses an AI-based forecasting technology to predict the busiest days/time in your business to schedule more staff accordingly.

If you are using a WFM with a forecasting feature you can plan the upcoming events and predict the footfall. Automatic scheduling may help to improve work productivity and sales.

5. System Integrations

HCM systems and patrol systems usually work along with employee scheduling software systems. So integrations are important. Make sure the software you chose can be integrated with your current systems.

6. Partnership Approach

You are going to purchase an employee scheduling software for using a long period of time. Changing management software frequently is not good. So be alert while selecting the vendor. Check the background and previous projects of the vendor. Ask them about the support they can provide in the future. Choosing the right supplier is really important. Think about the flexibility of the software and its capacity to go with the rapid technology changes.

Building rotas are a part of employee scheduling software. Apart from this look at the basic features like auto-scheduling, automatic notifications, user-friendly menus, customization, drag and drop, absence management, work swapping, overtime rules, etc. Employee engagement is important, so choose an easy-to-use system for convenience.

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