Consumer Perception and Brand Integrity


Consumer perception defines the view of a customer regarding a brand which he/she shaped through the promotions, brand name, store interior, online reviews, labels and tags, logo, the arrangements in-store etc of the company. Everything related to that company can affect the customer perception. It’s easy to make or break the brand integrity. The RFID solutions by Checkpoint can do magic in increasing your brand value to the next level.

A happy customer has better brand awareness. To develop brand integrity retailers usually focus on the aesthetic features of their store, product packaging and arrangement, and the colors used in logos, labels and price tags etc. It is important to identify the customer perception which is favorable to you or not.


When it comes to product authenticity, labels and price tags have an unavoidable role. If a customer likes a product he will first search for the price tag. The price tag and labels should be easily accessible and the letters should be easy to identify. The size, price and material type, model etc will be displayed in the tag.

The role of Checkpoint in Brand integrity

Checkpoint believes in brand integrity which a label can give, thus they implemented quality control in each step of product development. Brand voice can be increased by increasing the aesthetic features of a product.

Checkpoint can increase your brand integrity, by giving a clear and precise view of the size, price, and material, etc of a product in labeling. RFID-enabled swing tickets and stickers can make inventory management easy for the staff and it helps to increase the ROI.

Why Checkpoint

Checkpoint provides direct access to their customers to the same global artwork database which is used by all their production locations. It is easy to communicate globally at the same time about any changes in artwork or specifications as the Checkpoint uses the same database globally. Each production location has a well- versed professional team to ensure and manage the same quality control. The end-to-end production process will be the same in all the units. It doesn’t matter which Checkpoint product location manufactures your labels.

Labeling and ticketing carry brand integrity. So Checkpoint ensures the production is certified. The Checkpoint production sites have yearly SMETA audits and they carry certifications like FSC and GRS. These certifications surely indicate their credibility and excellence.

For more details and solutions from Checkpoint, you can contact Inditech Middle East.

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