5 ways to use your store’s POS Data to sell your brand and make the customer experience

The vital role of technology in retail is mainly in collecting customer or sales data. POS Data is important than anything in making your brand popular and it helps to improve the overall performance of the store, inventory management, marketing elements, and the customer experience.

Sales data is not just the numbers of your ROI and profit. It speaks about the story of each purchase both in stores and online. There are many tools to point out the customer journey inside the store and analyze the top-selling product. Retailers needn’t worry about the visibility of each product.

POS data

What is POS Data analysis?

Point of sale systems will provide you with the entire sales data at your fingertips, you need to analyze it thoroughly to strategize your plans. Try to integrate your POS with the e-commerce platform so that you can compare the sales both online and in-store. This data can be used to predict customer preferences and choices based on the historic data of previous interactions or purchases.

POS software collects lots of data while customers checkout. It includes customer data, inventory data, business data, etc. These insights can give you the inventory status, most running items, the current trend of purchase, customer preference, peak sales time and season, favorite colors and brand of the customer, inventory count, and finally a better plan to launch your new marketing campaign.

The POS software connects the sales and inventory data to manage your inventory properly and efficiently so that there won’t arise any out-of-stock or over-stock issues. The user-friendly dashboards in POS software help the retailers to easily understand the data with the help of charts and graphs. Retail data analysis is not only meant for big companies, it can be made useful by the small stores too.

How POS data helps to improve customer satisfaction

POS data is a hidden gem that can do magic in your brand growth. Let’s check the 5 ways how it can help you leverage your brand integrity and sales.

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  1. Forecasting sales:

         POS data is a collection of your overall sales. While checking it thoroughly you can understand your customer shopping behavior and the current trends. According to those insights you can create a new marketing plan by personalizing your loyal customer’s preferences. This can be also useful in forecasting future sales and demand. Forecasting the demands will make you unique from your competitors and the brand value will increase thereby.

  1. Promotions are worth or not

Promotions are a part of retail sales. But most of the sales end up in loss because of some unnoticed factors. This is most applicable for online sales. For those stores operated both online and in-store should have an integrated POS system to manage the inventory and sales. The sales data will tell you the running promotion status in charts and graphs. You can compare it with your previous promotion and ROI to know whether it is a success or not. You can add more gifts and coupons to your valuable customer’s account based on their purchase history.

  1. Error free calculation

Data doesn’t lie. The sales data you get from your POS system will be error-free. Manipulations and malpractices can be avoided 100 %. Moreover, you will get the exact picture of your business in the form of data. You can optimize the price of products to increase the revenue and the footfall traffic.

  1. Sales volume and timing

Sales won’t be the same at all times. There will be up and downs in the sales depending on the season, days, and time. POS data is the collective performance history of your brand. It says a story of your day-to-day performance. Check the key metrics to understand the peak times in sales. Allocate more staff in the peak hours to avoid loss in sales. Customer satisfaction is indeed the topmost priority.

  1. Remarketing to gain the sales back

POS data can be used to know your customer’s shopping behavior. Based on that make a remarketing campaign to attract them again towards your brand. Send them personalized emails on the new product arrival. This will make the shoppers feel special and it will definitely help to improve the revenue.

Loyalty programs are another way to attract your regular customers. Customer retention can be done easily with the tricky usage of POS data. Point of sale is an unavoidable system to compete in the current business world. If you are looking for the best Point of sale software or hardware in Dubai, please let us know.

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