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Since its inception in 2008, Inditech Middle East, the leading IT Support Company in Dubai, has been growing from strength to strength blending the latest technology with impeccable business acumen and meeting the most challenging requirements of a fast-evolving technology landscape of the Gulf region.

Inditech defines, designs, and delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help companies maximize profit in this competitive world. We provide a complete range of IT services, especially, to Retail verticals by leveraging our core competence in the Retail business model, POS domain and business expertise, high-quality customer support, and strategic alliances with leading POS global technology providers.

We offer a span supply of the latest technology products; Speciality Retail Applications and IT Solutions, Powerful In-store Analytics, Customer Engagement Solutions, IT infrastructure services, Point of Sale (POS) services, system integration, and IT Support and service annual maintenance contracts.

Inditech Middle East also operates through its subsidiaries in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA , India , and Kuwait thus increasing its breadth and depth of solutions and services offered to its customers.

Looking ahead, being the top IT support company in Dubai, we set on the road to moving forward with a clear vision, a sound and consistent strategy, financial strength, and an unwavering focus on serving Retail customers with pioneering state-of-the-art solutions, through the fusion of stable technology, qualified experts, quality services and long-term commitment that exceed expectations of its customers.

Inditech Middle East offers a range of services that includes the latest technology products, specialty retail applications, and services, in-store analytics, customer engagement solutions, IT infrastructure services, POS services, system integration, and IT service and support contracts

Inditech Middle East | What We Do

Specialty Retail Solution
Our customers look to us to help them Run Simple – to seamlessly connect people and technology, real-time. We help them re-imagine business and life to drive meaningful impact globally. Read More
In-Store Analytics
Our high quality and cost-effective solutions help businesses around the world: • Increase revenue • Build loyalty • Reach new customers • Lower costs of production Read More
Security Solutions
Inditech IT Support company offers Most efficient security and surveillance Systems installation and supply that are approved by Security Regulatory authorities in UAE like SIRA. Read More
Antitheft Solutions
Solutions tailored to secure your business from theft and internal shrinkage. Read More
POS software dubai

POS Software Solutions for retail business

Inditech is an authorized Retail Pro business partner in the Middle East. Retail Pro International (RPI) is a global leader in retail management software(Point Of Sale Software for retail businesses) recognized worldwide for its rich functionality, multi-national capabilities, omnichannel management, inventory management and unparalleled flexibility.


Retail Mall/ Airport Analytics Solution

EGoal is an intelligent analytics and Sales-Capturing Solution for Shopping Malls and Airports that helps to streamline operations and uses customer data, shopping
behavior, Footfall data, and Tenant sales data to enhance overall revenue. The ultimate analytics solution to optimize your business performance with data-driven insights.


People Counting Solution For Retail Stores

Retail Next is the first in-store analytics platform expressly built to address the changing face of retail. Accurately measure foot traffic to your stores in real-time with the most advanced traffic system ever built. The industry’s most comprehensive, future-proof platform that starts where you want and grows with you.


Customer engagement and Loyalty Program

OptCulture is an all-in-one solution to engage your customers. OptCulture acts as a customer engagement platform for retailers and at the same time the solution offers unrivaled features like loyalty programs, email marketing, e-receipts, SMS marketing, managed marketing, a promo manager, and Kiosk to stand in this competitive retail world.

IT Company in Dubai

IT Support/Services Annual Maintenance Contract

Being the top IT Support company in Dubai we provide topmost IT Support, networking, and infrastructure solutions. Our suite of “Managed Services”, for example, ranges from hardware support to proactive 24/7 infrastructure and applications management. We offer 3 types of maintenance contract options to our clients, including SLA, SA, and AMC. According to the nature of the service they choose, the clients can decide which maintenance program will suit them.

cctv camera installation in dubai

CCTV Installation and Maintenance

Inditech is a SIRA-approved CCTV company and we have hands-on experience in dealing with big projects that required keen attention and knowledge. As an industry leader in the supply, design, installation, and maintenance of CCTV solutions, we have expertise and experience in all aspects of security surveillance to help you meet your CCTV security, safety, and management requirements.

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Biometric time attendance/ Access Control system

Biometric time attendance system technology brings efficiency to the workplace by keeping better tabs on the employees in a given workforce. Matrix COSEC is an enterprise-grade people mobility management solution for organizations covering Time Attendance System, Access Control, Visitor Management, Employee Self Service Portal, Roster Management, Contract Workers Management, and Cafeteria Management.


Retail Hard Ware/ IT infra structure solutions

We are a leading IT support company in Dubai in the delivery of innovative Point of Sale (POS) systems and accessories like cash drawers, touch screens, customer displays, EAS & accessories, digital signage, antitheft RFID tags, RFID labels, stickers and detachers, CCTV systems, Music systems, Gate barrier systems, Servers, laptops, printers etc for businesses in the UAE.

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