Fashion Retailer Solution

Darwin offers fashion retail specific information that is essential for an excellent operation e.g.:

  •     Visibility of expected closing stock and gross profit
  •     Timely information of over- or under-stock (open or close to buy)
  •     Synchronized financial calendar and merchandise calendar
  •     Immediate information about stock, commitments and obsolesce
  •     Integrated markdown planning

Spreadsheets are the most commonly used tools to control the planning process.

As we all know spreadsheets are fault sensitive, time consuming and the accuracy depends on the user. Once replaced by Darwin you will experience a great relief and you can hardly imagine how you could run a business without.

For fashion retailers who can spend millions of dollars there are solutions available on the market.

However, the initial cost is huge and the implementation and use are complicated. Most fashion retailers do not want to spend that much money. But they do need a robust and functionally rich solution, preferably integrated in the back office system. Darwin has been developed with those retailers in mind.

Darwin is a standard, packaged solution.

This means that all users work with the same software and that there is no bespoke software. This guarantees continuity and prevents the customer from becoming the prisoner of his own version of the software. Two to three times a year there is a new release. The development of new functionalities takes place in close cooperation with the customers. This has led to an “industry best practice” solution.

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