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We are pioneers and innovators in the field of people counting (People Counter & Footfall Camera) and usage of the data as a key metric for Retail, Malls, libraries, public buildings, just to name a few!
Measure Your Trafic

We provide a vast portfolio of people counters allowing us to capture accurate numbers in all kind of scenarios.

Empower Your Team

Our solutions provide traffic analysis to all levels of your organization to drive your business forward.

Grow Your Business

Solutions tailored to provide measurable benefits to your organization and helping you achieve your goals.

Why do I need People Counter Software & Footfall Camera?

Being informed about your business is vital to its success. If you know how many people are coming to your store or into your business, you can make tailored decisions based on this quantifiable information. Perhaps you want to improve your customer service levels? Our people counter software can assist this. By knowing when your stores’ busiest time/day is, you can add more staff to ensure that customers are well served and therefore more satisfied. Similarly, our people counter software solution can help to cut your labor costs by highlighting when you don’t require extra staff.

SMS Store Traffic is committed to innovation and we believe that we are the best providers of people counting software today. Get in touch for a consultation on what is the best people counter software solution for you.

Our Software Solutions

Empower Your Store Manager

With People Counter & Footfall Camera, Learn about the traffic patterns of your store.Know about and adjust your service level to achieve your target.Obtain and drive-up your conversion rate.

Empower Your Marketing

Measure the impact of marketing on traffic. With People Counter & Footfall Camera understand how much a customer is worth.

Empower Your IT

Get alert when a problem occur. Centralized traffic data collection and traffic system management. Use People Counter Software & Footfall Camera to integrate traffic data with your other systems.

Empower Your C-Level

Get a total picture of your organization performance on traffic. Discover the potential from unsold traffic using People Counter & Footfall Camera. Take action to optimize labor cost and maximize service to increase sales.

Our People Counter & Footfall Camera Softwares

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