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The first technology platform to bring e-commerce style shopper analytics to brick-and-mortar stores, brands and malls, RetailNext – In store analytics is a pioneer in focusing entirely on optimizing the shopper experience. More than 250 retailers in over 50 countries have adopted In Store Analytics by Retail Next’s software and retail expertise to better understand the shopper journey in order to increase same-store sales, reduce theft and eliminate unnecessary costs. RetailNext is headquartered in San Jose, CA. Go beyond traditional traffic counting and conversion metrics and begin to understand the complete in-store shopper experience.

Gain deep insights into your shoppers

RetailNext offers complete insights into each of your stores including:

  • How many shoppers are coming in?
  • Who are they?
  • Where do they go?
  • What do they find engaging?
  • Why are and aren’t shoppers coming in, engaging, or buying?

How it works

The most advanced in-store analytics solution available
retail next


Retail Labs
Retail Labs
Loss Prevention
Loss Prevention
Omnichannel Retail
Omnichannel Retail
Mobile Engage™
Mobile Engage™
Shopping Centers
Shopping Centers

RetailNext technology works through a series of steps


Traffic 2.0

Advanced People Counter Solution


Add texture to your traffic

Go beyond basic traffic counting by leveraging data from Wi-Fi enabled smartphones. Get powerful insights such as visit duration, unique traffic, pass-by traffic, visit frequency, and entrance path analytics.


True traffic measurement

Automatically exclude store staff from traffic counting and key KPI metrics. Isolate employee paths to create complete interaction analysis of shoppers and sales associates.

Optimize staff

Optimize staff

Identify traffic cycles across the day, week, or year. Align staff and customer-to-staff ratio to traffic power hours by integrating workforce management with traffic counting data.


The next-generation sensor for shopper measurement.

Aurora sensor

Adaptable. Powerful. Elegant.

Aurora allows retailers to optimize the shopping experience by going beyond traditional traffic counting and conversion. From outside the store, to the entrance, and onto the shopper’s mobile device, Aurora simplifies shopper behavior measurement with an all-in-one device built for the future of retail.

Retail Lab Technology

Retail Labs to innovate and test concepts prior to roll-out.

testing a/b

Simple A/B testing

Focus on how specific store elements and changes impact the business. Optimize for growth and sales.

path analytics

Understand the full shopper journey

Full path analytics to track shopper paths and how these experiences directly impact the bottom line. Evaluate the full set of in-store technology to decide what to deploy across the store network.

design and layout

Test new store concepts

Test and measure new concepts such as product placement, store design and layout, merchandise prior to company-wide rollouts.

In-Store Marketing

Deliver magical retail with proven in-store marketing.

shopper journey

The in-store journey - start to finish

Activity and flow to gain full visibility into the shopper journey. Understand how your shoppers shop, interact with staff, and optimize your shopper’s experience.
Window display

Optimize window and displays effectiveness

Ensure product placement and displays drive exposure and engagement. Validate store layout and campaigns. Merchandise for increased business performance.

Smarter mobile marketing

Set your mobile marketing on autopilot. Increase shopper engagement with personalized offerings and recommendations across SMS, email, guest WiFi.

Retail Operations

Execute corporate retail operations’ strategies to create a friction-free retail experience.

Benchmark your stores with Traffic 2.0

Integrate traffic data with in-store POS feeds to provide key performance metrics — such as conversion rates — across all stores, in real-time. Easily spot norms, trends and outliers.

A ‘virtual’ view into your store and trends

Access the RetailNext platform from a web browser and provide access based on role. Through the mobile app, view real-time data and video on the go. Receive reports directly to your inbox. Ensure flawless execution of store promotions and marketing activity.

shopper direction

Direction mapping

Instantly visualize which direction your shoppers go after entering your store – left, center, or right. Understand how in-store employee behavior, marketing campaigns, and promotions guide the shopper journey.

Optimize fitting rooms

Provide optimal service at fitting rooms and ensure shoppers are fulfilled in their in-store experience. Discover fitting room trends and increase fitting room conversion.

Retail Loss Prevention

Beyond video management. Investigate faster. Reduce shrink.

Pinpoint investigations with security and POS events tied to video

web and mobile applications

Remotely investigate with web and mobile applications

POS exception

Identify risk early with POS exception reporting and Search

Omnichannel Retail

Leverage omnichannel retailing data for in-store engagement.

Map activity offline to online

Take online data points and map metrics to similar data points in-store. Begin to understand the multi-channel shopping journey.

Online activity in the store

Understand digital shopping behavior to make marketing and merchandise changes in-store.

Mobile Engage™

Drive shopper experience with personalized recommendations, offers and content.

No app required.

Mobile Engage™ by RetailNext offers an app-like user experience, only without requiring the costly effort of app development.

Mobilize the in-store experience

Mobile Engage uses machine learning algorithms that gets smarter with each and every interaction between brand and shopper, allowing for increasingly relevant and personalized communications at the right time.

Shopping Centers

Your shopper experience re-imagined.


Optimize the marketing budget

Create an ROI for Marketing. Understand how marketing events and promotions impact traffic and sales.
align staff

Create an ROI for Marketing.

Align staff with traffic.Identify traffic cycles across the day, week, or year and align shopping center staff (security, housekeeping, maintenance and management) to these traffic power hours.

Driving leasing strategy

Go beyond basic traffic counting by leveraging data from WiFi enable smartphones. Get powerful insights such as visit duration, frequency, zones visited and new vs. repeat visit rate.

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