Retain your Customers & Increase Sales with our Customer Engagement Solution

Retain your Customers & Increase Sales with our Customer Engagement Solution

Our Loyalty solution  combines usability with a depth of features that enable businesses to run sophisticated loyalty programs, engage customers and increase sales. Equipped with the easiest program builder in any loyalty solution, pre-integrated with POS systems like Retail Pro and availability of API to integrate with other systems


Customer Retention


Increased Customer Satisfaction


Increase Sales


Get Customer insights

Salient Features

  • Seamless Connections with POS
  • API to integrate with any system for real time sync
  • Fully Customizable (point based, cash back, frequent buyer programs)
  • Integrated with Promo Manager to offer loyalty benefits & track ROI
  • Customer-Centric
  • Online and Mobile App Balance Check for Customers
  • Automated Email & Text Reminders
  • Fraud Alerting

Program Types

Customer engagement Solution

Percentage Based

Customers receive a percentage of their purchase as rewards, as points or cash, to use at a later time.



Roll Over

Customers gain points until reaching a threshold. Points are then converted to dollars and points return to 0.


Promo Based

Customers gain points until reaching a threshold. Points always continue to accumulate. Customers redeem rewards through emailed promotions. Promotions can be discounts on receipt or products


Frequent Buyer Program

Customers are rewarded for their frequent repeat purchases of particular brands, products or manufacturers wherein the purchase of a number of products is rewarded with a discounted or free product of the same type.

Retail Pro® Ranked Top Retail POS in Market Share, Global Reach, Innovation, and Growth

Retail Pro® Ranked Top Retail POS in Market Share, Global Reach, Innovation, and Growth

Folsom, CA, Nov. 25, 2019 — Retail Pro International today announced its cross-platform, cross-channel POS and retail management software Retail Pro® ranked in IHL’s latest Retail Executive Advisory Program Research Study as number 1 retail mid-market POS in market share, global reach, innovation, and growth.

“Over the years we’ve amassed a tremendous amount of primary and secondary-source data in this pursuit to assist retailers in vendor selection and to help understand the trends transforming our industry,” said Jerry Sheldon, Vice President of the IHL Group.  “The study considers primary and secondary source data to evaluate and rank on-premise and SaaS POS for retailers with chains ranging from 1 to 100 locations – representing over 9 million POS locations installed POS units worldwide.” 

In this hyper-competitive context, Retail Pro holds 5.9% market share in the midmarket slice for general retail and also ranks as a top performer in IHL’s positioning map which measures vendors by innovation and market strength dimensions.

Kerry Lemos, CEO of Retail Pro International, comments, “We thrive in the highly creative and demanding environments in all major markets worldwide. Striving together with our loyal customers drives us to keep honing our technology to be more efficient, more innovative, and more adaptable to the diverse retail brands using Retail Pro worldwide.”

As retail in emerging markets continues to expand and enterprise retailers are rearchitecting systems for unified commerce, IHL projects the POS software market will grow 53% from $3.2 billion in 2018 to $4.9 billion in 2023, implying further growth opportunity for top POS providers.

“In spite of economic condition setbacks in some markets, retail continues to advance in North America, EMEA and APAC. This presents our retail technology solution providers with an opportunity to move forward and prosper in the era of intentional innovation,” commented Greg Buzek of IHL. 

“These companies, ranked above all others in our study, represent a cohort of movers who push and help organizations drive growth. We congratulate the top-performers who move our industry forward.”

About Retail Pro International

Retail Pro International (RPI) is a global leader in retail management software that is recognized world-wide for rich functionality, multi-national capabilities, and unparalleled flexibility. For 30 years, RPI has innovated retail software solutions to help retailers optimize business operations and have more time to focus on what really matters – cultivating customer engagement and capitalizing on retail’s trends. Retail Pro is the chosen software platform for unified commerce strategy by retailers in 130+ countries

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